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I’m a crypto-first entrepreneur and person, coin founder SMESH, software developer and digital products designer. My passion is building consumer digital products and services that are useful, innovative, easy-to-use and have a great user experience.

I’ve been serving mainly in co-founder/cto roles in innovative startups where I always make hands-on product and technology contributions while also driving the higher-level strategic technology decisions, team building growth, and IP.

I started two successful consumer media companies in San Francisco and NYC.

Career Highlights

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Spacemesh.io, 2018 - Present

I’m working on a new open source fair crypto-currency and smart contracts platform.

Owner, Musicsoft Arts LLC, New York, NY, 2009-2014

Founded and built Musicsoft Arts - a nyc-based mobile music apps company in 2009. Released 10 innovative music apps including the first music mixing app for iPhones and iPad. Grew the company to 25 million total app installs and profitability within a year of operations utilizing a great product, sales and engineering team and without any external investment. The apps were top-charting the App Store music apps category globally throughout the company life. Pioneered mobile native advertising and freemium business models on mobile platforms. This includes native premium app functionality and music content sponsorships from major artists and brands such as Hyundai, Moet Hennessy and Ford. Built the official mobile app for major music artists and DJs such as Carl Cox and DJ Spooky. I’ve conceptualized and built the world’s first music album by a major recording artist released as an exclusive mobile App for smartphones and tablets using a freemium business model. Built the official Vibe magazine iOS app with exclusive hip-hop music content. Designed and built a successful app that allows users to play a music videos channel based on their iTunes music library content.

VP, Technology, Sony, San Francisco, CA, 2006-2008

I’ve initiated and successfully shipped several innovative products that brought Internet user generated video from the desktop web browser to various Sony consumer hardware devices by working together with several global Sony product and technology groups. I’ve built the first robust Internet video Apps for Sony platforms such as Playstation Portable (built-in video search product - massive consumer reach and global use), Playstation 3 (user-generated media content in the main user interface), Sony Video Walkmans and Sony Bravia HD TVs. I’ve also developed IP, concepts and technologies for convenient consumer-grade video sharing and geo-tagging from Sony cameras and initiated an iCloud-like cloud personal media hosting service project for Sony in 2007. Designed and built and Internet personal video sharing API and web service used by the PureDigital cameras (acquired by Cisco) - the first camera with built-in Internet video sharing capabilities and for Sony media capture devices.

Co-founder and CTO, Grouper Networks / Crackle, San Francisco, CA, 2004-2006

Designed and built the first consumer-grade personal media sharing Windows desktop App for Grouper Networks in 2004. The App won PC Magazine editor’s choice for best personal media PC App with 4.5/5 starts in 2005. The App allowed unlimited sharing of photos and personal videos between family, friends and other groups using an in-house developed peer-to-peer networking technology. The App provided an advanced user interface using early c#/.net and native windows apis technologies combined with a robust network services backend.

Built a large scale user-generated video web app (Now renamed Crackle.com). Hired and grew a great development and product team. Designed the backend and the front-end. Built flash-based video players. Helped the company achieve massive global growth and engagement over a short period of time that led to the company’s acquisition by Sony in one year for $65M USD using new growth-hacking techniques that involved making videos on the platform easy discoverable on 3rd party search engines such as Yahoo! video search and Google video search services on emerging Internet protocols such as media-rss and atom. The company, renamed Crackle is now Sony main Internet video platform.

Co-founder and CTO, Friskit, Inc, San Francisco, CA, 2000-2004

Pioneering social consumer web apps in 2000 in my San-Francisco based startup Friskit - built a full social music discovery, sharing, recommendation, search and playback web app that Newsweek named Streaming Napster and “one of the top 10 technologies that are going to change your life in 2001”. The web app provided users with personalized streaming radio stations from artists and genres of music you liked and that your friend recommended. Friskit was the first Internet personalized radio app using web technologies. Advanced use of Java, scripting and html in early browsers combined with a C++ based streaming audio Internet search engine and collaborative-filtering based music recommendation system.

Software developer, Microsoft, Redmond, WA, 1997-2000

Designed and built what is now core HTML5 concepts in 1997 while working for Microsoft in Redmond on Internet multimedia rich content editing and playback technologies for Internet Explorer and Office Apps such as animation, sound and enhanced browser capabilities. Worked on enhancing Internet Explorer multimedia capabilities with Java, C++, Script and SMIL. Shipped an HTML-based multimedia editor for Office documents.

Passion Projects